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My "white" noise

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One of the big drivers in my life is learning. Getting out there and trying to understand why people have similar or polar opposite views on the same topic. However, we often think our view is the only one correct. The world wide web often disagrees. There was a really good reddit post (or meme even) on how to get a correct answer on any subject online:

The fastest way to get an answer online is to provide a wrong solution in form of a question.

Not exactly how I remember the post/meme going, but you get the point. People will always disagree with your stance. For one reason or the other.

Now, one of the easier ways to keep up to date. Podcasts. Doesn't require much from you. Just a bit of time. They're a great way to "shorten" your commute. Or when taking a walk. Any activity that doesn't trigger cognitive load can be improved by listening to some new topic. The only time I think the "multitasking" term can be applied without much "damage".

An easy way to expose yourself to others' views and opinions is through podcasts. With the explosion of the podcast culture in recent years there are many out there. It takes some time to discover your "preference". I do recommend having a number of them in your favorite app. The idea is to get as much exposure to different views as possible. At least for me. Finding just the ones with whose views you agree will not help out. It is a way for me to check my stance on the topic. And expose you to new views.

Now with this out of the way, these are the ones I usually tune in to:

The list above it's about the theme of this blog. Software development. I do recommend checking others as well. Depending on the topic that interests you. I often like to listen to podcasts about astronomy, physics, soft skills, leadership, etc.

Till next topic, I bid you farewell.